The Kindergarten program at Kalgoorlie Early Learning Centre is designed to meet the diverse needs of children within the Kindergarten room.

Children are provided with play-based learning experiences during our morning sessions which are extended upon during less structured afternoon opportunites. In addition to developing children's knowledge of their world, a strong focus is placed on the development of children's confidence, willingness to take risks in their learning and their overall social-emotional development.

Children are provided opportunities to extend their own interests independently and to contribute to collaborative learning experiences through which they experience the pride which comes from engaging in share projects. Through building on your child's curiosity, we hope to develop a love of learning which will remain with them throughout their school years.

Children have the opportunity to:
- Develop their sense of identity by exploring their own and different cultures and ways of being.
- Build and strengthen relationships with peers through which children will continue to develop an ability to initiate and join play experiences.
- Further develop the ability to communicate their own needs to their peers and understand the needs of others.
- Increase their understanding of their world, including how to care for their environment.
- Develop fine and gross motor skills through a range of activities and experiences.
- Continually increase their ability to communicate ideas verbally, moving toward documenting their ideas using images and symbols.
- Explore ideas using creativity, imagination and play.
- Become aware of patterns in their environment, sort and compare objects.


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